A Memory Embraced

Magic is a fantastic game, but it’s the friends and memories we make along the way that makes it really special. Sometimes a card reminds you of a fond time and even if it isn’t good, it becomes well worth playing. Continue reading “A Memory Embraced”


My Favorite Deck

Do you have that one deck you love? The deck that other people associate with you. I have that in Lorthos, the Tidemaker. It’s been my longest running deck and my favorite by far. Below I’ve broken out the things that hook me into it as well as the flaws the deck has. Continue reading “My Favorite Deck”

Gen Con Deck Plan

I love Gen Con. I get to see friends from around the country, unwind, and recharge for the year ahead. There is an incredible amount of things that can be done there, but I come to play Magic. For almost four full days you can find me jamming Commander games with anyone around. In the past I’ve brought all of my decks, lugged them onto the plane in my carryon, rotated them daily, and on Sunday carried the full roster with me. This year it looks like this year I’ll have to carry all of my luggage with me for half of the Con. Packing will be a balancing act between wanting to travel light and having enough diversity for the four days of Commander games. I think I’ve got a plan.

Continue reading “Gen Con Deck Plan”


Commander is a fantastic format. It is a place where you get to showcase your favorite cards from the history of Magic, express your creativity in building synergies and combos others haven’t thought of, or whatever else you fancy. Their are only two things that stop you from playing whatever cards you want: the Banned List and the Social Contract. I’m a firm believer that Commander is a format where powerful cards and interactions live. Sure something like Razaketh, the Foulblooded can be incredibly broken. If that’s what your playgroup is into, go for it. You can break it in pieces to show the true potential of a strong card, but what if you didn’t? What if instead of showing how busted a card could be, you tried to play it in a way that wasn’t busted? This has been my mindset for years. With this in mind, and the to let people play with their toys, I’d like to see a smaller banned list. Below is my first pass on cards I’d take off the banned list. Continue reading “#SmallerBannedList”

Hour of Devastation Updates

Hour of Devastation is here at last. I don’t know about you, but I can be pretty undisciplined when it comes to getting cards from the new set to slot into existing Commander decks. I would go through the set and pick out every card that looked awesome and make one big preorder of every card that wasn’t expensive. Clearly all of these fantastic cards are going in a deck. Then the order would come and I’d realize that very few of the cards slotted well into any decks. This time I wanted to be different and actually lay out what would be coming out of each deck before I ordered. Without further ado, below are the changes I’m making to my deck from Hour of Devastation. Continue reading “Hour of Devastation Updates”