Next Commander Bracket

If you are anything like me you are great at coming up with ideas for new Commander decks. Unfortunately, if you’re too much like me you also struggle finding direction on which one to build first. I often end up with ideas for a huge number of decks, but without a clear idea of where to go first I end up building nothing. Enter Roberto Moser (@robertomoser) with an idea – let the community decide.

So I built a sixteen deck bracket that’s similar to Mark Rosewater’s (@maro254) Head-to-Head and am working through the bracket on my Twitter (@kyleccarson) with #nextcmdr and on my Facebook page.

Each day I post the Commanders squaring off and a very short description of how I plan on building the deck. I hope you’ll weigh in. I will build whichever deck the will of the council decides upon.


Until next time, happy brewing.

– Cowboy Kyle


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