Going from 2-5

Knowing how many decks to keep is a real challenge. For a long time I’ve been in the camp of having only a few decks because as a father of young children Magic takes a backseat to family commitments. The problem is that when you combine keeping only a few decks (generally less than 4), being ruthless with dismantling decks, and being slow in building decks led me to only having two decks together (Lorthos and Kozilek, the Great Distortion). With Gen Con 2017 coming, and with it 4 days of fun and Commander, it was time to do something. A window of opportunity came, while my wife and kids went on vacation to visit family, but because of work I had to stay behind. My deck building window had arrived.

I know I want 3-5 decks for Gen Con, more on that next week. The smart thing may haven been to really sit down and figure out which of my various ideas was the most fun and focus on building those 1-3 decks and tweaking the 2 I have. What I did instead was penciled out skeletons and then built them all. I went from two decks to five. So what did I build?


The winner of the Next Commander bracket was the first deck I built. My version of the deck plays all ten bounce lands, Amulet of Vigor, and one-shot someone with Soul of Alara. I got to play test the deck a few times last week and it’s fun, but still a little clunky.

Athreos, God of Passage

Back before Aether Revolt was spoiled, yes way back then, I was convinced that this would be the return of rebels. As someone who played Type 2 back then, I was pumped. So I contacted Zach to see if he could help get the white rebels in preparation for the sweet new rebel legend that we were bound to get in Aether Revolt…

So we didn’t get any new rebels in Aether Revolt. Something about the creature type line only having so much space. Athreos was my answer for what to do with a stack of foil rebels. The deck is fairly low powered, but can generate some real card advantage on the back on Lin Sivvi.

Tasigur, the Golden Fang

I’ve been trying to get a Tasigur list to work off and on since he came out. It’s never worked. This time I wanted to build a deck that was borderline impossible to play correctly. The deck packs modal spells, onboard abilities, and a variety of other ways to force the players at the table to make decisions. Here’s hoping I’m finally onto a Tasigur list that works for me. A special thanks to Bennie, Roberto, Erik, and Craig for helping me trim some of the fat from the deck.

Wrapping Up

My family has returned and normal life resumes. The deck building has come to a close. I’m not sure how I’m going to play all five of these different decks or have any idea how to pursue upgrades to them, but that’s a problem for a different day. What do you think of my new roster? I’ve got some more ideas in the wings, so they’ll be more coming if I can squeeze them in.

Until next time, happy brewing

– Cowboy Kyle



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