What Next?

My easy deck building window may be over, but my mind is still racing on other decks. I had thought that I’d be in the 8-10 deck range, but I was only able to get three together. I’ve probably got some late night’s ahead of me to get things together. Below are ideas I’ve still got floating around.

Dragonlord Atarka

Sometimes as a Commander player I want to show how clever I am. I want to play cards that people have to read, play different generals, and play decks that require some thought in deciding when and how to sequence things. That’s well and good, but sometimes you just need to smash something. Enter the biggest creature on Tarkir. The deck will simply try to ramp, draw some cards, and smash faces with some of my favorite beaters in the colors. Part of the reasons I play games is to relax, and the Dragonlord gives me an opportunity to do just that.

Narset, Enlightened Master

I understand that Narset is often on player’s short lists for the most unfun decks to play against. Most Narset decks are filled with spells that generate extra turns or extra combat steps so that as soon as she attacks once, the game is over. I’m not going that way. Instead I wanted to fill the deck with cards like Raise the Alarm. The deck won’t have a single way to generate an extra turn or extra combat. The real problem isn’t overcoming Narset’s stigma (at least not yet), it’s that I don’t have any of the cheap token making spells the deck needs.

Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest

I think Smokestack is a fun card. What better way to feature this fantastic artifact than in Mazirek. I thought about slotting the card into Athreos to give the deck a way to attrition people out or into Tasigur as the card generates all kinds of choices, but the current plan is make a special deck for the Smokestack to flourish. Pair that with some +1/+1 counter shenanigans and you’ve got the deck. I do have some concerns on how fun this deck will be to play against, but we’ll see what the group says.

Grenzo, Dugeon Warden

I really like Uncle Grenzo. There’s something about his abilities and his art that just make me want to build this deck. I’ve had it together in the past and it always burns me, but a large part of me wants to try again. All creatures in the deck would have printed power of four or less and their will be a decent number of ways to boost Grenzo’s power and generate extra mana. I think bottomdecking (get it? because Grenzo pulls cards off the bottom) would make some fun stories. The counter argument, and the reason it’s not together right now, is after losing almost every bottomdeck you get a little salty with yourself.

Neheb, the Eternal

The new zombie from Hour of Devestation looks wonderful, and I’m not just talking about the art from Chris Rahn. The fact that he turns burn spells, something considered weak in commander, into ramp just blows my mind. Lightning Bolt starts to look a lot like Dark Ritual with Neheb on the battlefield. The deck ramps by dealing damage and pushes games to end. I’m very excited. The idea has some problems though. The first is that I don’t own Neheb yet. He’s not expensive, but money is money. The second is that my meta has a few pillow-fort/enchantress style decks in the meta, which can stop Neheb cold. The main plan would be to crush another opponent and turn that damage into an X spell to the enchantress player’s face.

Wrapping Up

These are the main ideas I have for my next deck(s). Is there one that you think fits well into my arsenal or is there one that should never see the light of day? All in all I’m excited to keep building and rue the day where I have to decide which decks to bring to Gen Con.

Until next time, happy brewing

– Cowboy Kyle


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