Hour of Devastation Updates

Hour of Devastation is here at last. I don’t know about you, but I can be pretty undisciplined when it comes to getting cards from the new set to slot into existing Commander decks. I would go through the set and pick out every card that looked awesome and make one big preorder of every card that wasn’t expensive. Clearly all of these fantastic cards are going in a deck. Then the order would come and I’d realize that very few of the cards slotted well into any decks. This time I wanted to be different and actually lay out what would be coming out of each deck before I ordered. Without further ado, below are the changes I’m making to my deck from Hour of Devastation.

Lorthos: Big Blue

Impulse + Supreme Will

Impulse has been in the deck since it’s inception. It’s been good, but I think one more mana to have the added flexibility of a Mana Leak is worth it. Most games it’ll be an inefficient Impulse, but those random games where it’s a clutch counter spell should make up for it.

Kozilek: Crazy Pasta

Dread Statuary + Sanctum of Ugin

Kozilek didn’t get anything from Hour. I really thought that Scavenger Grounds would go in as another utility land, but a Sanctum of Ugin that I received as a random gift has me more excited. Dread Statuary is a card I thought would come up more frequently, but in the months that I played the deck it’s never been animated.

Progenitus: Next Commander

Urabrask the Hidden + Ramunap Excavator

There was only one card from Hour of Devastation really catches my eye for Progenitus, Ramunap Excavator. With five fetch lands and occasionally discarding a land to an awkward hand the Magus of the Crucible will be a welcome addition to Progenitus. Urabrask gets the axe to go into other projects. I do have some concern about cutting a haste enabler, but we’ll see how it goes. There is a possibility that Sifter Wurm ends up going in for a little bit of life gain, but not at this point. The biggest challenge with Progenitus is if I keep playing all 10 Ravnica bounce lands. Getting two or three early in the game can make the beginning of the game very clunky. However, later in the game they’ve proven helpful and the few games where Magus of the Candelabra or Amulet of Vigor show up have made them very good. If the bounce lands stay in, Trinket Mage may end up making an appearance just to be a second copy.

Athreos: Rebel Yell

No changes

There’s nothing that I want to add to Athreos at this point. The deck is a pretty low powered theme deck so without any other new rebels I think I’m happy where this deck is.

Tasigur: Tyrant of Choice

Read the Bones + Supreme Will

The tyrant gets one new toy in Supreme Will. Read the Bones is a card draw spell that I like, but having another card at instant speed lets me hold up Tasigur and other abilities for longer. After Supreme Will there are two cards that might make an appearance in Tasigur further down the road. Sifter Wurm again makes an appearance as a possible add, but I don’t know if it’s better than either of the sphinxes. The last card is the Scarab God. The only reason this card isn’t going in now is just the price point. It’s pre-selling in the $10-14 range at the places I’ve looked and I just don’t want to pay that much for a single. Maybe I’ll crack one or it’ll drop down to around $8 and I’ll add it will probably replace either Sphinx Ambassador or Progenitor Mimic. Another issue with Tasigur is that it appears to be mana hungry. I’m not sure what to cut for more ramp, but the deck just seems to hunger for more mana to do more things.

Wrapping Up

I think Hour of Devastation looks fun, but nothing blew me away for the decks I’ve got together. Ramunap Excavator (Magus of the Crucible) is pretty sweet and may find a home in both Tasigur if it performs well in Progenitus, but I’m not sure what would get cut to add it. There other cards that catch my eye (like Neheb who got his own deck), but nothing that I think belongs in the decks I have together. Do you think there’s another card from Hour that I should consider more strongly? What are the cards you’re most excited to add to your existing decks?

Until next time, happy brewing

– Cowboy Kyle


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