The Choice of Rakdos

I’m in the process of adding more selection and diversity to my Commander games. Both Kozilek and Lorthos are late game big mana decks that can play remarkably similar games despite their color differences. With Progenitus winning my Next Commander bracket, I’ll be adding another big mana deck to my rotation. I think the 4th deck in my lineup will be something Rakdos. I’ve got four in mind and I know that only one will see play at a time. The real question is which one?

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When Your Deck Is the Problem

This past weekend I had a game with my Lorthos deck that ended up with both of my opponents under a Capsize lock. I had two Extraplanar Lens cards and my Snow-Covered Islands were tapping for 3. I looked up during the next few turns to see both other players unhappy. The Social Contract wants to make sure that everyone at the table is having a good time. Most people in my playgroup drive over 30 minutes for our casual Sunday games. With the opportunity cost being pretty high, making sure everyone has fun matters. After the game was over I had to ask a question about my favorite deck, is my deck fun to play against? Continue reading “When Your Deck Is the Problem”

Next Commander Bracket

If you are anything like me you are great at coming up with ideas for new Commander decks. Unfortunately, if you’re too much like me you also struggle finding direction on which one to build first. I often end up with ideas for a huge number of decks, but without a clear idea of where to go first I end up building nothing. Enter Roberto Moser (@robertomoser) with an idea – let the community decide. Continue reading “Next Commander Bracket”

Back to Basics

No matter how casual or competitive you are in terms of Commander deck building, there are a few things that unite all decks. One of which is the inclusion of basic lands. While some decks are so non-basic heavy that there is no room for even a single Forest, the vast majority of Commander decks at least have a handful. The real question is, how do you select your basics? Continue reading “Back to Basics”

The Case for Mono-Colored

Everyone has their thing when it comes to Commander decks. Josh Lee Kwai (@JoshLeeKwai) from The Command Zone often talks about how he takes a three color deck and makes it into a five color deck. Gen Con regular Andrew Magrini (@A_Magrini) subscribes to something he calls “Splash Theory.” Finding what you enjoy can help you make smarter choices with your Magic budget and have more fun in your games. I like mono-colored Commander decks. There, I said it. I know that mono-colored decks can straight lose to something like Iona, Shield of Emeria or have inherent weaknesses related to their place in the color pie.  I even own a few ABUR duals, some expedition multi-colored lands, and have traded for lands for years. Despite all of this, I often prefer my mono-colored decks. The real question is why?

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